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Hit Story


Hit Story is a podcast that tells you the tales of tasty tunes. Former CBC Radio host Tim Tamashiro has created a fun, storytelling podcast about famous songs. He tells you about the people who wrote the songs, how the songs were inspired and why they became such big hits. You'll hear the entire story of these songs. Then you have a job to make magic happen.

After hearing each episode, go dig up a copy of the tune. Listen to it. Hit Story will help you hear each song with a brand new appreciation. It will sound bigger, brighter and more meaningful. You'll have a Hit Story Hallelujah. 

New episodes are uploaded every Saturday. Welcome to Hit Story. Please subscribe.

Nov 5, 2017

Hit Story: the podcast that tells the tales of tasty tunes. The goal of this podcast is to give you context for the songs that you already love and hopefully the songs will become even MORE MEANINGFUL to you. Hosted by Tim Tamashiro. This edition of Hit Story is all about the song that played out like a movie script in the minds of music fans around the world. It all started on a dark desert highway. This is the hit story of Hotel California.